And then……

And then there is vacuousness…. The mind races from one object to the other, pondering feverishly over the entire creation, but the emptiness reduces one to NOTHING! I am nothing but a tiny particle LOST in the infinite universe, endeavoring to unravel the mysteries surrounding me. But oh heart, what of the conundrums buried deep within ME!

But then, even the strongest and the most primitive of human emotions, LUST fails to cure the heart of vacuousness. But with time, only depravity and lust of the soul shall show the PATH to salvation, helping my tormented soul to crawl out of the emptiness, and in doing so, savoring every moment of lewdness thereof!

The hairy crotch conundrum

Alright, now this might seem a bit queer to some of you but this is undoubtedly a subject of interest to me. For quite some time I had been pondering over this enigma. Keeping your crotch shaven or hairy is simply a matter that is up to you or your decision to choose any of the options might be influenced by your partner’s fascination with either of the two options. Now if you’re much into historical fiction as I am, you are bound to come across Ken Follett. Yes, that very Follett who wrote masterpieces such as ‘The pillars of the earth’ and ‘Fall of Giants’. If you’ve read either of these books, the leading characters are headstrong, intelligent and beautiful females. But there’s another striking similarity between these awe-inspiring women portrayed in Follett’s novels: these women have thick dark hair on their mounds and surely, Follett does not shy away from admiring the lush, thick hair adorning these women’s crotches.


In the medieval times, women were NATURAL. They were curvy, buxom beauties with exotic hairy quims. That’s the way I like it; there’s something in a hairy pussy that sets one’s heart racing. Some might find the imagery to be grotesque and would be a cause of revulsion for them. But if we do truly appreciate the natural, simplistic lifestyle that our ancestors lived we might not shy away from such issues. But then again, it is purely a personal choice!


As far as guys are concerned, I adore the pubic hair around their cocks. It is delicious, surreal actually. I too tend to support the naturist lifestyle and have thick pubic hair around my cock; it feels natural and feels most serene when another mortal runs his/her fingers through the hair, straightening the curls, whispering words of love in your ears, all the while my eyes being shut tight, my soul lost in another world, LIVING THE EUPHORIA!

My bisexual musings

you Sir, Are delicious.. love David Gandy

you Sir, Are delicious.. love David Gandy

I kept lying there with my legs parted and my eyes closed. The cold air kept licking my naked chubby body. I moaned. It made me bit my lower lip when it whipped my bare ass. Ahh. Discipline. This is what my soul seeks. You need to discipline my soul by claiming my body as yours. My soul seeks your attention. It longs to be owned by you.

I turned my head aside and drew both my arms behind my head. The cream silk drapes were drawn apart and I peered out through the window. The sky was a black canopy over my head, sprinkled with innumerable dazzling little fireflies. The moonlight sifted through the window falling over my semi erect cock. The dick head glistened  with my pre cum under the dim moonlight. I brought my nose close to my left arm pit and inhaled the scent of my sweat. A masculine scent. I so wanted to bite the flesh off his armpit, savoring his sweat, filling my senses with his masculine odor. I spread my right leg further apart, my heels embracing the cold glazed marbled floor. The cold seeped through my entire body. I shuddered. Yet my soul was ablaze with craving….. desperation.



Wearily, I made my way towards the hearth. The fire was all out and the chilling coldness stabbed my heels with every step I took, my hips all the time swaying in a rhythmic motion. Thick and tan, they make for a drooling treat. As I took little, anticipated steps,I couldn’t help but dodder as a chilling gust of wind embraced my naked body, whispering songs of yearning in my ears. As if on impulse, I come to a halt in the middle of the room.

My right hand found its way back to my ass cheeks and I spanked them. Ouch. My flaccid penis started pulsating, my veins pumping blood into my penis, my dick coming to life. Aahh. While standing, I open my legs wide and stoop down with my arms reaching down towards the floor, dangling, while I exhale deeply loosening up my ass muscles. I feel fresh air kissing my asshole, tickling it with its tongue. With my right hand reaching down to the floor-almost, I bring my right hand into contact with my hips. My head down, I start straddling my ass cheeks, AND slowly my fingers make their way towards my asshole. It is perhaps the perfect position for him to tame my wildness, to whip my ass cheeks, to pound my asshole with deep, harsh strokes, while holding me by the nape of my neck,claiming his dominion, his conquest of my soul. I closed my eyes, my ears pricked up at the slightest sound. Perhaps it were his footsteps that I heard. Or it actually was the rustling of the leaves. I smile wistfully at my credulity, at my misgivings.


Of cocks and men….

Last night I woke up, panting. My breaths were ragged. My eyes closed. Yet the scent of his sweat mixed with his overpowering cologne hung in the air. The room was dark. Bleak. I drew my hand in the air, into the emptiness, sensing his presence. I ran my hand upwards, in a subtle, gentle manner caressing the thick auburn hair around his navel. My fingers felt his hard-toned lower ab and I slid my hands down… My hands squeezed into his skin fitted denim jeans  and I hung onto his pelvic bones…


I opened my eyes and stared into the endless darkness that surrounded me. I squirmed in the sheets sensing the slimy liquid around my pubic region. I took off the quilt and a cold breeze hissed against my naked body.

I  slid my hand down, running it over my thighs. Yes. They were sodden with my own cum. I ran my hands on the sheets below and they were soaked with my cum as well. The hair on my thighs were wet and laid out flat over my legs. I caressed them with my hand, with the slimy liquid absorbing itself on my pores. I closed my eyes again. The thought in my mind made me squirm, and as I did so, a warm liquid trickled down my inner thighs down to my ass cheeks.


Ummmm….. I ran my tongue over my thick luscious lower lip. Slowly I take my hand towards my face and run it down from my forehead all the way down to my chin. Oomph. I WANT YOU! The scent of my own cum filled my nose and I breathed in harder, devouring every bit of it. I took my hand back to my thighs and rubbed it hard over it, like a sandpaper. I wanted more of my cum on my fingers. After a brief pause, with me accomplishing the task, I took my hand back and rubbed it over my lips, teasing myself. I glided the fingers back into my mouth. The taste of cum filled my senses and I wrapped my tongue around my own fingers. My fingers and tongue were intertwined, like two lost lovers. I kept sucking on my own fingers like a hungry little kid. This was my flavored Popsicle, a salty one though. And salty it was. Yes! My saliva came trickling down my chin. I NEED YOU. NOW. My hips responded to this raving and I raised them high. I parted my legs and the cold chilling air hissed against my ass.. Ahhhh. FILL THIS VOID BABY!


The beginning…. Part-1

It was well past after midnight and I slept as peaceful as a newborn…the sheets lay there on the floor, my bare body cuddled into a corner of the bed. The hissing air from the ceiling fan kept licking my bare ass,sometimes stroking it while other times whipping it. The room was as dark as a pit could be.

Suddenly, I woke up with a start and heard my cell phone buzzing. I sat up, disoriented, wondering what time it was. I reached for the cell, fumbled and it fell down with a thud. I sat up with a jerk, rubbing my eyes, God knows mumbling what and cursing. I rummaged through the dark, until after a minute or two I finally succeeded in picking up my phone. Without even bothering to look at the caller ID, I received the call, and muttered a somewhat husky, ‘Hello. Who is there?’ I heard someone panting on the other line, but no reply came for a few moments. I immediately sought out the caller at the other end by looking at the caller ID. I was actually baffled when I saw it was Y.  ‘Hey, speak up. Are you okay? Baby, it’s me. What’s wrong’ A few more moments of silence, moments that seemed eternity to me.

‘Baby…..I’m….’ and she broke into a sob. A sense of foreboding pervaded my soul. ‘Hey, what’s wrong honey. Speak up. Are you alright?’

‘There’s been a…..burglary at out place. They’ve taken…..’ she broke into sobs again, her voice quivering all this while. ‘….taken…everything. We’re so broke.’

Now let me provide you with a little backdrop to this whole grim scenario. Y had gone over to her folks’ place. It was well over 5 years since we’ve been the perfect lovebirds, and lately, a few months back, we had married each other. Her parents, along with her younger brother, who was in his late teens then, lived along them. Their house was one in the countryside, a beautiful moor surrounding their manor. The whole moor is sparsely inhabited, with barely a few families living in that wilderness.

Y, my beautiful wife, was 22 then. Let me begin by describing her . She is 5’4, more on the chubby side, hence the name buxom; she sure is a buxom beauty. She has wide hips, beautiful strong legs, and her quim is the most exotic. She normally keeps her mound shaven; her labia is pink, the most luscious lips one could imagine, slightly protruding and offering a glimpse of her glistening vagina. She has a plump, pierced belly, and her torso is most sexy, her arms are chubby and shoulders broad. Let me say that her tits are a head turner and I’m completely overwhelmed by the stares and praises we are garnered with when we are out together. She has the most natural tits; they aren’t completely round nor are they too saggy, in short, they’re just perfect. The icing on the cake is her wide-spread pink areolas and stiff, pristine nipples. Not to forget, she wears a nose ring which sort of makes her super bitchy and hot like hell.

I sought my car keys and was on my way to my in-laws’ place. I knew that Y needed me more than anything now; I had to be by her side.I reached there an hour later. I got out of the car and peered at the clear sky. It was a beautiful warm night, the stars above my head dazzling like fireflies. Even though I was flustered, I couldn’t help being lost in that picturesque landscape. I cast my eyes around the moor, and a sense of serenity filled my soul. I peered into the black night and stood there gazing at the stars, marveling at their symmetry, and at the same time, the irregularity with which they occupied the vast canopy above. I was brought back from my reverie by my in-laws greeting me. They looked worn out for sure; their gloom, the agitation and a sense of loss was most palpable. While I was inquiring about the tragedy that befell them, Y came running from the room and hugged me. I hugged her back, cuddled her into my arms, kissing her head. ‘Hey baby, it’s OK. I’m with you now’ She kept trembling like a leaf in my arms, and her eyes were red with crying all night long. Within a few moments we headed back to our house; even while driving Y kept both her hands over my thighs, a sign I had understood over the course of our relationship; it meant she was greatly agitated. All through that long drive, she kept quiet and her eyes were closed all that while. I kept pressing her hands over my thighs, offering her assurances through the subtle patting, the gentle caressing of her hands. These gestures offered what oft-times words failed to do: they kept her relaxed and reassured her that all her tribulations were over as her hubby was now with her. She was wearing a white tank top and plus sized dark blue denim fitted jeans which accentuated her curvy 48 inch ass.The tank top did little to hide her beautiful cleavage and her bosom heaved every time she would shut her eyes and be lost in her musings. Her heaving bust, her panting, the perspiration over her forehead were another proof of her being disconcerted.

Soon we were back at our place. It was nearly 4 am. We both came inside and without either of us uttering a word, we undressed, and stood naked, as naked as a newborn, in front of each other, looking into each others eyes. The lights were switched on and the curtains weren’t drawn, offering every passer-by a look into our house and offering a glimpse of Y’s goddess like figure. We never bothered much with who could be seeing us or not; it never were a pivotal issue to us. On the contrary we enjoyed flaunting ourselves. But now it was not about sex, it wasn’t about having fun, I just kept looking into my wife’s hazel eyes and she kept staring back at me, not flinching, not retreating. It was her way of telling me what she had been through, and I must say I was aghast. The very next moment, I pounced on her, my tongue paying homage to her beautiful mouth. She accepted my humble offerings and licked my tongue back. Her arms were around my neck and we lay on the bare floor, my throbbing prick pressing hard against her beautiful stomach. She raised her hips and pressed herself towards me whilst locking her legs around my ass…’Tell me babes, what happened there… And what’s here’ I brought my mouth over her bare left boob where it was bruised. Her left inner thigh also was all blue, with scratching all over it. Immediately as soon as I said that, I felt my words had drained all the energy from her soul. She raised herself up’ sitting cross-legged with her back towards me, her head dropped. I opened my legs and spread them around her bare ass, my feet touching her inner thighs. I locked my arms around her plump pierced belly and kissed her nape. ‘Tell me honey’….she remained quiet for a few seconds and then sighed. ‘Daddy I need to tell you everything… I can’t keep this to myself anymore. The truth and what transpired there, at mum’s place is agonizing me to such an extent that I would drive myself mad with the shame, the guilt…..


The Lead Up

Such a delight to peruse through this…